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We Come Up with Systems and Processes That Make Employees More Productive and Engaged



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Acquire, Deploy, and Retain Talent


Acquiring, deploying, and retaining a quality workforce is essential to an organization's effectiveness. Achieving this endeavor involves successfully managing activities such as determining your staffing needs, conducting job analyses, developing and executing recruitment and hiring plans, and implementing employee retention initiatives. Whether you need help with HR planning, job analysis, recruitment, realistic job previews, hiring, employment testing, or employee turnover reduction, BMS has the expertise you need.

Develop the Talent You Need

Training & Leadership Development

Employee performance is the function of many factors but chief among them are  employees' skills, abilities, and competencies. Whether you want to help employees perform their current jobs better or prepare employees for future positions and opportunities, employee training and leadership development programs are critical. Allow BMS to help you identify training and development needs and then develop and deliver high quality training and development programs that are responsive to the unique needs of your organization.

Achieve High Performance Standards

Performance Management

Regardless of its mission, every organization endeavors to achieve its objectives through its employees. If all members of its workforce know, understand, and share the organization's strategic goals, and know and achieve their individual goals, the organization can be highly successful. The probability of success is increased by the presence of a carefully developed and implemented performance management system. Traditional performance review typically involves an employee and a manager examining, at least annually, the employee's duties, competencies and accomplishments. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to develop goals for the coming year and to discuss issues related to the employee's past and future performance. Performance management takes traditional performance evaluation much further. Performance management is the system of maintaining or improving the job performance of employees through the use of performance planning processes, along with coaching, mentoring and providing continuous feedback. Let BMS help your organization develop a performance management system that will produce the results you want.

Reward Employee Contributions to Success


A key objective of compensation systems is to maximize the return on an organization’s investment in its people. Achieving that objective requires that the organization design a compensation system that achieves efficiency (e.g., improve performance, increase quality, control labor costs), fairness (e.g., fair treatment, recognition of employee contributions and needs), competitiveness (e.g., pay that is competitive within the market), and compliance (e.g., conformance to Federal and State compensation laws and regulations). From conducting salary surveys to constructing a compensation structure tailored for your organization, BMS can help you ensure your compensation system pays off for everyone.

Achieve Your Goals

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is one of the most important management techniques available to organizational leaders. It is the best way to keep the organization's eyes open and focused on the future while assessing current performance. Effective strategic planning requires assessing the direction of your organization, analyze your internal and external environment, determining your mission, vision, and values, and set objectives and goals, and developing action plans. BMS can help you lay out the plan for the future success of your organization.

Plan and Manage Organizational Change

Change Management

Change management is often overlooked in organizations. To increase organizational effectiveness, respond to changes in the market, or respond to legal or regulatory developments, organizations are constantly creating new programs, streamlining procedures, or improving processes. All of these activities lead to organizational change and whether big or small, successful organizational change requires intentional actions and long-term initiatives. From planning, to communication, to execution, BMS can help your organization manage change to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Solutions to Develop People & Businesses

Becton Management Solutions was founded in 2012 by Dr. J. Bret Becton. Dr. Becton received an M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa and a Ph.D. in Management (Human Resource Management and Organizational Change dual emphasis) from Auburn University. Dr. Becton has taught management, human resource management, and leadership courses at Auburn University Montgomery, Winthrop University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Becton was Associate Dean in the College of Business at Southern Miss and Dean of the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is currently Dean of the College of Business and Economic Development at the University of Southern Mississippi.


Prior to joining academia, Dr. Becton was a full-time management consultant and he has over 20 years of experience consulting with organizations to help them achieve the highest levels of success. During his career, he has consulted with organizations such as:


Private Sector Clients

Alagasco, Deposit Guaranty National Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, Jackson County Utility Authority, Johnson Controls World Services Inc., Mississippi Valley Gas Company, Newsprint South Inc., Smith and Nephew, Southern Natural Gas Company, UPS, National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, and Steel Service Corporation, Inc.


Protective Service Clients

Akron Police and Fire Departments, Bibb County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Office, Boston Police Department, DeKalb County (Georgia) Police, Denver Police Department, Little Rock Police Department, Maryland State Police, Miami Police and Fire Departments, Montgomery County (Alabama) Sheriff’s Office, San Antonio Police Department, Sunrise (Florida) Fire Department.


State and Federal Government Clients

Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Development, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Alabama Department of Finance,    Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, Alabama Department of Transportation, Alabama Office of Workforce Development, Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Public Safety, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Governor’s Office, State of Alabama, Indiana University, Mississippi Insurance Department, Mississippi State Personnel Board, University of Mississippi.


Check out a selection of recent client projects below.

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Developed and delivered an executive education workshop entitled "Creating an Engagement Culture" for 20 SFBLI officers. The workshop focused on developing an organization culture that fosters employee engagement and included providing feedback from an employee survey of HQ employee engagement and organizational climate. The survey results were used in the strategic planning process by top management.

Provided consulting services related to strategic planning, organizational assessment, and identification of opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. Developed new mission and vision statements, core values, strategic objectives and action plans. Also, conducted an employee survey of employee engagement and organizational climate.

Developed a performance management system to cover 500+ employees. Utilized the critical incidents approach to develop behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) for job families. Developed objective, data-driven performance indicators. Developed feedback and developmental plan content. Provided training and orientation for new system to all managers and supervisors.

Over a period of seven years, conducted multiple salary and benefits surveys for all jobs within the Authority, developed recommended pay ranges for each job based on available compensation philosophies and evaluated benefits package compared to participating organizations. Also, provided guidance concerning possible contracts for the Executive and Deputy Director positions within JCUA.

Developed a certification exam for professionals performing the role of security director for sports stadiums, venues, and events. Project activities included: conducting occupation analysis, developing alternate forms of multiple choice tests, conducting pilot study, conducting item analysis and item calibration, developing cut scores, and developing administrative policies and procedures for testing and reporting of results. The Certified Sports Security Professional (CSSP) certification exam received ANSI certification in 2016.

Provided expert witness services for the EEOC in the case of Cazorla v. Koch Foods of Mississippi LLC and Jessie Ickom, No. 3:10-CV-135-DRJ-FKB, consolidated with EEOC vs. Koch Foods of MS, LLC, No. 3:11-cv-391-CWR-LRA, a class pattern or practice, national origin discrimination and harassment case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. Settled in July 2018 (


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